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Anti Border Android

The Anti Border Android is a conceptual super hero created by Ayesha A. Siddiqi. Every border implies the violence of its maintenance, and that violence demands an avatar for the vigilante justice required to combat the fascism of borders.

Evoking a niqab was a choice inspired by how the West has placed muslim women, and images associated with them, within the cross hairs of empire, racist fears and victimhood, weighting the veil with Western fetishism and fantasy, exploiting it for political aims and erasing the agency of women who choose to cover.

The Anti Border Android wears the veil in direct antagonism of the surveillance state, while embracing the iconism inherent to being visibly different. The Anti Border Android cannot be "naked" as they have no flesh to reveal. The Anti Border Android is bare - the shape of their powerful metal form traps the foolishness of those who believe all they can see is safe to be attracted to.